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Advancements in AI Are Rewriting Our Entire Economy

“It is far more an opportunity for growth,” said Joshua Gans, holder of the Jeffrey S. Skoll chair of technical innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. “At the moment, while some jobs have been replaced by automation, this has also led to job creation as well. So while there may be short-term disruption, the longer-term potential is very strong.”The days of a standard 40-hour work week seem to be coming to an end. In an ideal world, we’d all...
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Gap Inc. Sets New Goal for Apparel Suppliers to Pay Garment Workers Digitally by 2020

In a move to improve the livelihoods of garment workers and help improve supply chain transparency and efficiency, Gap Inc. (NYSE: GPS) today announced a bold new goal for all of its tier 1 suppliers – approximately 800 factories in about 30 countries – to make the transition from a cash-based system to digital payments by 2020. More than 60 percent of Gap Inc.’s supplier factories already provide digital payments methods, such as online transfers to bank accounts or mobile wallets. The new...
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The Better than Cash Alliance to drive Inclusive Growth

The Better Than Cash Alliance is a partnership of governments, companies, and international organizations that accelerates the transition from cash to digital payments in order to reduce poverty and drive inclusive growth. Based at the UN, the Alliance has 60 members, collaborates closely with other global organizations, and is an implementing partner for the G20 Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion. The Better Than Cash Alliance partners with governments, companies, and international...
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The biggest harm that AI is likely to do to individuals in the short term is job displacement, as the amount of work we can automate with AI is vastly bigger than before - READ ARTICLE HERE Why do businesses find it so difficult to implement scalable and profitable strategies for inclusive growth—growth that benefits all society’s stakeholders? - READ ARTICLE HERE Digital technology opens vast untapped potential for farmers, investors, and entrepreneurs to improve efficiency of food production...
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Crowdfunding Program For NYC Women Start Ups

Over $280,000 in zero-interest loans has been pledged to women entrepreneurs through the City’s crowdfunding partnership with Kiva  Kiva is an inclusive innovator - see here According to the City’s Unlocking the Power of Women Entrepreneurs in New York City report, seventy percent of women entrepreneurs seek less than $10,000 when launching a business and cite access to capital as a major challenge when starting and growing their companies. Since just November, when New York City’s WE Fund:...
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Building a workplace of the future starts with inclusive growth

Technology is rapidly reshaping business models and waving the disruption flag signals that a company is committed to leading in this new economy. There are risks, however. The world of work is turning on its head, and the days of relying on decent salaries, benefits and faddish perks like ping-pong tables to satisfy people are gone. As eager as companies may be to throw new technologies at traditional business practices, they must be careful to not disrupt the important relationships they’ve...
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Call for Papers : Human Capital Development for Inclusive Growth and Shared Prosperity

The Asian Development Bank Institute (ADBI) and the South Western University of Finance and Economics are jointly sponsoring a conference on Human Capital Development for Inclusive Growth and Shared Prosperity, in Chengdu, People’s Republic of China, on 18–19 July 2018. The conference aims to provide a high-quality exchange platform for academic researchers and policy makers to share in-depth research and insights on human capital development and policies to promote it, especially those...
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Building a workplace of the future starts with inclusive growth

Companies who strive to treat their people well in a world facing growing income disparity and grappling with radically new definitions of work will not only gain a competitive advantage, but they’ll build stronger social currency as well. Companies must get better at tapping into the brilliance of their people. Today’s economy demands fresh thinking that breaks from corporate norms, and business savvy alone isn’t enough. No one can predict with accuracy what hard skills will be in demand five...
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Inclusive Growth: Profitable Strategies for Tackling Poverty and Inequality

Robert Kaplan, George Serafeim and Eduardo Tugendhat in their recent Harvard Business Review article Inclusive Growth: Profitable Strategies for Tackling Poverty and Inequality. Their thesis is that attempts to create social value are far more likely to succeed if they’re profit-making, collaborative and boldly ambitious, something that applies to accessing hard-to-reach markets as much as the other two routes to inclusive growth that they identified, upskilling workers and building...
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Japan lays groundwork for boom in robot carers

Japan’s ageing society faces a predicted shortfall of 370,000 caregivers by 2025, and the Japanese government wants to increase community acceptance of technology that could help fill the gap in the nursing workforce. According to Japan’s robot strategy, the government hopes that four in five care recipients accept having some support provided by robots by 2020. Developers have focused their efforts on producing simple robotic devices that help frail residents get out of their bed and into a...
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Build a network of Inclusive Innovators

that are using technology and their business for a more Inclusive society

Selected Inclusive Innovators

Annual Summit

Build awareness for innovation based inclusive growth by presenting research reports and showcasing innovation companies that contribute in a significant way to inclusive growth.

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Accelerating Inclusive Innovation

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Digital micro-lending providing underserved communities with access to funds

The global need for microlending is still distinct - underserved communities need better access to safe, transparent and fair financial products. In 2017, the global microlending market amounts to £1.8tn and is serviced by around 200,000 loan-servicing and doorstep...
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Four Drivers of Change for Financial Inclusion in 2017

Four factors are changing the landscape for financial inclusion - article by Greta Bull CGAP CEO Technology and distribution Technology is a clear enabler. To access digital financial services, access to a mobile connection is important, but it is equally important to...
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Harness public as well as private capital for better access to energy and finance in sub-Saharan Africa and India.

Dutch development bank FMO has signed an agreement with UK-registered charity Shell Foundation to harness public as well as private capital for better access to energy and finance in sub-Saharan Africa and India. Combining the foundation’s resources with the bank’s...
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The Forum edits independent research reports on inclusive innovation companies to prepare the Innovation based Inclusive Growth conference ( date to be announced )

These reports are available to members on request



New research answers whether Technology is good or bad for Learning

For years educators and scholars have debated whether technology aids learning or inhibits it. In the most recent issue of Education Next, for example, Susan Payne Carter, Kyle Greenberg, and Michael S. Walker write about their research finding that allowing any...
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Artificial Intelligence In Education: Don’t Ignore It, Harness It!

A recent report by Pearson deciphers how artificial intelligence will positively transform education in the coming years. Per the report’s authors, "The future offers the potential of even greater tools and supports. Imagine lifelong learning companions powered by AI...
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Removing illiteracy

Illiteracy causes social exclusion, economic alienation, and impedes most forms of learning later in life. Reading is therefore the most fundamental lesson we learn in our lives. Learning Intelligence Group (LIG) is proud to own a majority in two disruptive and fast...
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Businesses for Good, a media and mentoring program for women businesses addressing social challenges.

Women's businesses play a major role in building a more inclusive world. This is why this Women program them widespread visibility and tailored business opportunities. It has been designed for enthusiastic and dynamic women who have built a business with a social...
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Steve Wozniak just created his own online university Woz U

Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak has just launched Woz U, a new digital institute designed for those eyeing a career in the tech industry. "Our goal is to educate and train people in employable digital skills without putting them into years of debt," Wozniak said in a...
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Oval Money helps users save money and was created to help bring inclusion, education, and fairness back into personal finance.

Oval is the first solution that allows the digital natives of the on-demand economy, to finally get some sense of their finances, and become money wise. Oval’s vision is to create a simple financial solution for everyone, that speaks to the new generation of workers,...
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Afghan’s girl robotic team wins major European competition

An all-girls robotics team from Afghanistan who was briefly denied entry to the US over the summer, have won a major European competition. Three of the 12 members of the team from Herat, Afghanistan’s third-largest city, won with a robot prototype that used used solar...
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A paradigm shift in human-technology interaction enabling inclusive growth

Social companion technology to positively impact the lives of millions of older adults by connecting them seamlessly with family and friends developed by Intuition Robotics, an inclusive innovator  Companion Technology is an emerging field of cross disciplinary...
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News from Ari.Farm,  one of our selected Inclusive Innovators In November we have been fully focused on scaling and improving our operations in Somalia. As we have communicated in October we have now registered a local company with an office in Mogadishu. Our team has...
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What does LinkedIn look like for the LinkedOut ?

Lynk offers tech-enabled job matching for blue collar work in Africa. Lynk is a platform that connects customers with trusted domestic workers, fundis, and skilled blue collar professionals.The informal economy in Kenya represents nearly 80 per cent of national...
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Research Projects

Smart Cities Research

To identify the extent of strategic visioning by cities in planning for inclusive growth and improving their economic and environmental sustainability for the future

Understanding Innovation based Inclusive Growth

Open dialogues to carefully selected CEOs of innovative companies, to identify underlying patterns and trends to inclusive growth and innovation

impact of fostering inclusive growth and common good on the corporate values

Addressing the question of which key areas of a corporation’s activities can impact inclusive growth

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