Our mission is to create awareness and develop new ideas that will improve inclusive growth in an era of great challenges.

Arise joins FinForward movement

As part of its goal to promote financial inclusion on the African continent, Arise has partnered with FMO, the Dutch Development Bank and Above and Beyond Tech (a&b), a global technology company based in the U.S, on an exciting collaborative fintech initiative,...
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Why is health care so damn expensive?

Never has there been more talk of innovation and yet more disappointment in the future than in the health care industry.Despite all of that spending, the age-adjusted mortality rate for Americans has only slowly declined every year since 1980. Even worse, life...
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Inequality is the defining issue or our time

"Inequality is the defining issue of our time". This is what then US President Barack Obama said about inequality at the end of 2013. From SocialEurope : Almost half a decade later we unfortunately have to conclude that it still is one of the defining issues of our...
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Promoting employee ownership helps deliver the Scottish government to achieve inclusive growth

Article by Sarah Deas, chief executive of Co-operative Development Scotland There are over 16,000 Scottish businesses expected to transfer ownership in the next few years, so the opportunity for employee ownership is significant. Promoting employee ownership will help...
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Financial Inclusion Funding Grows 9% in Latest Survey

Investment in financial inclusion reached a historic high of $37 billion in 2016, marking a 9 percent increase from the previous year and three straight years of growth.While public funding from aid agencies and development finance institutions still makes up the...
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The Missing Ingredients of Growth

Original article by A.Michael Spence and Karen Karniol-Tambour, Council on Foreign Relations  Extracts : Several positive macroeconomic trends suggest that the global economy could finally be in a position to achieve sustained and inclusive growth. But whether that...
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The Future of Work Depends on Inclusive Growth

Original article by Yuwa Hedrick-Wong, MasterCard Center for Inclusive Growth Extracts : The diminishing role of manufacturing in job creation means we must look to new pathways for moving people from poverty to prosperity. The debate about the future of work and its...
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AI the new electricity

“About 100 years ago, electricity transformed every major industry. AI has advanced to the point where it has the power to transform” every major sector in coming years. And even though there’s a perception that AI was a fairly new development, it has actually been...
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The Importance of Social Responsibility: Forging a New Connection Between Making Money and Making a Difference

There’s the problem with using money as the sole indicator of success – it leaves the rest of us at the mercy of those who hold the biggest riches.What if we redefined what success looks like? What if we reevaluate the concept of money and it’s worth? Some businesses...
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Over-exploitation of global supplies of sand is damaging the environment, endangering communities, causing shortages and promoting violent conflict

Skyrocketing demand, combined with unfettered mining to meet it, is creating the perfect recipe for shortages. Plentiful evidence strongly suggests that sand is becoming increasingly scarce in many regions.Sand and gravel are now the most-extracted materials in the...
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Digitalisation will reverse offshoring

The trend towards the offshoring of manufacturing jobs to cheaper countries is set to be reversed, according to Peter Voser, the president of Zurich-based industry giant ABB group. The decades-long trend of outsourcing was based on the economies of scale which allowed...
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