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Letter from Chairman and founder

As an independent non-for-profit organization, the Inclusive Growth Forum combines content, expertise, technology and philanthropy to help stakeholders, policy-makers and innovators working on inclusive growth.

While technology has brought tremendous benefits to society, there are concerns that the digital divide will progressively jeopardize employment growth. Innovation however does not necessarily affect the income of all categories in the population in the same way, and the question is: “will new technologies bring strong economic growth with opportunities for all? “

Inclusive growth is a process that ensures the benefits of an expanding economy extend to all segments of society by connecting them to the vital networks that power the modern economy — from electricity and financial services to social networks that enable knowledge-sharing.

Innovation is a major factor of economic growth, hence of the increase in income and well-being in the long term.

We have identified a large number of companies and organizations that contribute to innovation-based inclusive growth (Inclusive Innovators). Our Forum puts a special focus on expanding our network of Inclusive Innovators and mobilize forces, know-how and tools to help these innovators contribute to Inclusive Growth.

Jacques Putzeys


Jacques Putzeys