AI will put ten million jobs at risk-More than were estimated by the great recession

The looming presence of technology in the business arena today has replaced human labor with automated devices to carry out different roles. This shift in technology for labor is hurtful to the lives of people who depend on the jobs and the nation in general. The overall tax payment reduces with the use of automated machines for labor while the workers remain jobless. The article states that the modern ways of manufacturing have shifted greatly to computer-enabled functions as opposed to the traditional methods of manufacturing. Placing human labor is a state of uselessness is a reality that is fast catching up with the world, and this makes money used for career training out to waste. Research reveals that America is bound to lose over 10million positions to computer-based programs and this spells danger for the people and the nation in general. This number has exceeded that of the great recession that gradually put millions of workers under the umbrella of joblessness. The situation may grow worse with the future of technology promising the expansive use of neutral networks that detect and respond to situations.

The author blames the situation to the introduction of artificial intelligence that performed beyond the expectations of the inventors. Artificial intelligence was purposed to enhance gaming, but its roles were modified to embrace different roles in different industries. The access to the internet and the retrieval of data by different devices paved more way to the overuse of artificial intelligence. Companies now use software for almost all their functions, and this replaces the logic of physical devices or services that are run by human beings. As much as the technology was a relief to the business society and communication at large, its overuse is about to introduce an era of joblessness, and this will cripple the generations who cannot find jobs after spending millions in education.

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