A message from the CEO

2018 was a busy year for us. We started our transition from livestock trading to focus on local agrifood production. These were the main events during the year.

1. We opened two camel farms in Somalia and Kenya. The farms are used for organic camel milk production that is sold in the local markets. 10 people mostly former nomads have found work at these farms.

2. We launched the first of its kind online camel milk delivery service in Somalia. Customers order milk from a website and Facebook page and get delivered to their homes directly from our farm.

3. During the summer, we started our expansion into food. We launched the first pilot greenhouse in central Somalia in September. We used this greenhouse to train our team. Since then we have built the second greenhouse in Mogadishu and have started the preparation for two more greenhouses after the new year (one of which will become the biggest in Somalia). All of the greenhouses will produce basic vegetables such as tomatoes, spinaches etc, that will be sold locally. Somalia faces a shortage of vegetables, that it imports basic vegetables from neighboring countries. Our mission is to change this while creating jobs for former nomads who are becoming farmers through employment at our farms.

4. We have decided to completely close our goats and sheep trading business. There have been several reasons that led to this decision but mainly due to conditions in the livestock market and concerns of animal welfare during export.

5. We have improved the app and website to give more transparency and information to the investors.

6. We have successfully moved the base of the company from Sweden to Kenya.

7. We have now created jobs for 20 people in Somalia and Kenya in 5 farms.


All in all, 2018 was a good year and 2019 will be even more exciting as we scale our operations. God willing. We are also in the process of rebranding the company as the business has evolved beyond livestock trading which was the original meaning of the word “Ari”. More on that in the next days.

I wish everyone a happy new year and a prosperous 2019.


Mohamed M Jimale,

Founder & CEO

Follow the latest on our website at www.ari.farm or download our app for Android and Iphone. That is it for now. We are looking forward to a productive October.