Four factors are changing the landscape for financial inclusion – article by Greta Bull CGAP CEO

Technology and distribution

Technology is a clear enabler. To access digital financial services, access to a mobile connection is important, but it is equally important to be able to convert cash to digital money and, at least for now, back into cash again.

Policy and regulation

Regulators and policy makers are grappling in novel ways with challenges to traditional banking models from disruptive fintechs.

The emergence of collaborative approaches in the commercial sector  help broaden the digital ecosystem. Sometimes, these emerge as purely private initiatives, sometimes they are pursued explicitly as public goods.


Connected services mean that poor people, who previously left no data trail, begin to exist in a digital world. Providers are increasingly capturing data on consumer behavior that has wide applications — from scored consumer credit, to the provision of off-grid solar home systems, to building better products for consumers, to providing primary health care services to the poor.

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