AI Will Put 10 Million Jobs At High Risk

Report from CBInsights

Automation is coming after jobs, from fast food workers to accountants. This report from CB Insights  analyzed which jobs are most — and least — at risk, given factors including tasks involved, the current commercial deployment of technology, patent activity, regulations, and more.

With AI and automation advancing at a breakneck pace, society’s capacity to respond is being stretched to the limit.

The advances in robotics — where AI software meets hardware — is taking automation beyond heavy industrial and manufacturing processes. This trend is already touching areas like physical security, transportation, cleaning services, warehouses, and restaurants.

In some occupations like trucking, technology and regulation have not caught up to the hype yet. But in others like restaurant services and commerce, the impact is already being felt.

Companies purely focused on AI software are removing the safety net from many white-collar jobs that were traditionally considered safe from automation. Startups are automating tasks in marketing, legal, HR, real estate, and financial services.

Retraining employees is a recurring theme. But with AI software now beginning to automate even white-collar jobs, it remains to be seen how many new jobs will be created, what they will be, and whether those who lose positions due to automation will be able to fill these new roles.