A little over a year ago, Tendo moved to Odense from Sweden to join the Odense Robotics Startup Hub.

A great many things have happened since Sofie Woge, Founder and CEO of Tendo, and her team first moved to Denmark in March 2017 is a soft robotic exoskeleton, imagine a robotic glove, which strengthens your grip. It covers the thumb, index finger and forearm and it’s equipped with soft artificial tendons and smart sensors detecting when you are about to grasp an object and applies the requested strength to your fingers.

Tendo creates greater independence for people suffering from limitations due to e.g. arthritis, an injury, stroke or age and results in an improved self-image and quality of life as well as a reduced need of assistance from the community and family. Tendo is worn almost like a glove and enables a strong grip in more or less all everyday situations.