Kora was founded by Dickson Nsofor and Maomao Hu in 2017. Kora is an infrastructure for an inclusive financial system built on the blockchain. The Kora Network will provide access to Identity, Secure Storage, Money Transfer, & Marketplaces on a low cost, universal access platform accessible via SMS/USSD on feature phones, or with internet access via a mobile app, enabled by blockchain technology.

Kora introduces the blockchain platform, giving financial products, services and inclusion to communities in rural Africa that are typically excluded from current financial systems. The blockchain platform that unlocks growth in emerging markets, introduces its blockchain infrastructure for a more inclusive financial system and announces their upcoming sale, going public on May 18. Kora aims to engage with existing communities in rural Africa to combat issues that keep communities circling the poverty drain by using blockchain technology in the current financial system.

Kora provides community members with a solution for wide-scale, sustainable adoption financial services platform built around three principles:

  • Low Cost: Kora aims to include everyone in the Kora Network. The people with the least wealth are those who need financial services the most.
  • Universal Access: Kora provides a solution that is inclusive to all, even if they lack access to the Internet or lack a technological knowledge.
  • Engagement with Existing Communities: Kora Network enables cooperation with local financial service providers such as local banks and money transfer companies.