Lynk offers tech-enabled job matching for blue collar work in Africa. Lynk is a platform that connects customers with trusted domestic workers, fundis, and skilled blue collar professionals.The informal economy in Kenya represents nearly 80 per cent of national employment and more than one-third of national GDP. Yet it faces serious challenges, which Nairobi-based startup Lynk is looking to fix

The informal sector is massive and will continue to grow across Africa. The sector is plagued by uncertainty, low pay, broken incentives, and no real opportunities for growth. Good work does not necessarily mean more work or higher pay. Furthermore, positive feedback or a strong track record of work is generally not catalyzed into borrowing power, or the ability for someone to create a formal business. We believe that the missing “Lynk” is an accessible and verified career identity that stores this information over time allowing workers to use the data to take advantage of various opportunities.

Lynk offers a LinkedIn for the LinkedOut. Workers on the Lynk platform are vetted for technical and soft skills, and then given their own publicly accessible profile with info on skills, qualifications, photographs, and work history. Customers with services needs in over 140 categories, from masons to housekeepers, and tailors to carpenters, can request jobs through web or app, using a curated series of questions enabling our technology to automatically shortlist the most suitable candidates based on geography and skills. These requests are relayed to those shortlisted workers through SMS (allowing people to participate regardless of internet access) and workers bid for the jobs by replying with a quote. Customers review the bids alongside worker profiles, and book the worker they like. Our system then uses automated reminders, alerts, and guidance to ensure that the jobs by Lynk : We estimate that 1.1m casual jobs are delivered each yea in Nairobi, yet Kenyan households and businesses consistently complain of low quality work & unreliable professionals.