Illiteracy causes social exclusion, economic alienation, and impedes most forms of learning later in life. Reading is therefore the most fundamental lesson we learn in our lives.

Learning Intelligence Group (LIG) is proud to own a majority in two disruptive and fast growing edtech companies: Claned and GraphoGame.

Claned recently won the Best Learning Analytics Tool 2017 award by The Edvocate and its AI powered collaborative learning environment is used by customers in over 20 countries.

GraphoGame is the only evidence based literacy game in the world and has been developed in close cooperation with neuropsychology and language pathology researchers from 20 leading universities such as Cambridge, Yale, Zürich, Lund and Beijing Normal University over the last 10 years. The mobile and desktop game is available in 14 languages covering over 100 countries.

The Ministry of Education in Finland purchased the Finnish version of GraphoGame to be available for all Finnish first-graders. We are negotiating similar deals with several countries including France and Norway as we speak. Our goal, and one of the major objectives of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), is to eradicate illiteracy around the world and we are partnering up with large NGOs, governments, charity organizations and enterprises to achieve this ambitious target.

With GraphoGame, Claned, and our child-friendly Claned 4 Kids, the LIG portfolio represents a unique family of products and services that support an individual’s lifelong learning goals from as early as pre-school, all the way to corporate learning and professional training.