Binkabi is developing a cross-border agricultural trading platform that leverages blockchain technology.

Binkabi’s core innovation empowers people in developing countries to trade securely and cheaply with each other without the use of a hard currency.Binkabi helps developing markets to balance current accounts and preserve hard currencies. Binkabi lowers trading barriers to entry, slashes intermediation costs, improves food supply chain transparency and traceability and hands back more profits to farmers.

Their vision is to empower its commodity network to become fairer and more profitable through collaborative efforts of its members by leveraging blockchain technology. You will hear from its founder Quan Le about his life experience of growing up in 1980s Vietnam, spending a career in high finance but opting for growing foods in Africa for the last 6 years. Binkabi is being developed because agricultural markets were failing ordinary farmers in what Quan calls a ‘silent crisis’.


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