Circulation uses cutting-edge technology to manage the logistics and transportation throughout

healthcare. It drives efficiency and better outcomes of populations throughout the U.S. As Uber’s

Preferred Healthcare Partner, Circulation provides the first customizable, digital platform to

coordinate convenient non-emergency transportation for all areas of healthcare. Circulation is

utilized by patients, caregivers, providers, staff, and volunteers. The Circulation platform is

compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect the

privacy and security of its patients and clients. This platform seamlessly integrates with Uber’s

API as well as other ride providers.

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High costs come up as the most obvious barrier to  health care treatment and services. But for many people, even if they can arrange affordable care, actually making it to an appointment poses yet another difficulty.

The founders of Circulation saw an opportunity to link ride-share services with healthcare providers, and founded Circulation in 2016 as a partnership between Uber and a handful of Boston-based medical practices to provide free rides to non-emergency medical appointments. After a successful pilot launch in Boston late last year, the company has since raised nearly $10 million and expanded to around 1,000 healthcare facilities around the country. Compared to the industry-wide no-show rate of around 25%, those facilities that use Circulation have brought that number down to 8%[email protected]


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