Digital Citizen Fund

Digital Citizen Fund ” formerly called as Women’s Annex Foundation ” is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in New York City which has set out to help girls and women in developing countries gain access to technology, virtually connect with others across the world, and obtain necessary skills to succeed in today’s expanding global market. 

To accomplish this thus far, the DCF has built eleven Internet Training Centers and two stand-alone media centers in partnership with MTI ,(presently known as Bitlanders) and Afghan Citadel. Through this collaboration, we have successfully connected over 55,000 young women in Kabul and Herat. To continue having a greater educational and economic impact upon the girls and women around the world we have expanded our program to Mexico and hope to include other countries as funding becomes available.

After taking a degree in computer science at Herat University, Roya Mahboob became one of Afghanistan’s first ever female technology CEOs. Ninety percent of the employees at Mahboob’s software company – Afghan Citadel Software – were female, with this employment giving them desperately-needed independence from the men in their lives.

“Technology and education give us access to new realities with possibilities to dream further,” Mahboob said. She channeled funds from her for-profit company into a charity – the Digital Citizens Fund – which gives digital education and access to women in Afghanistan.

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