Humaniq is a next generation bank built on the open-source Ethereum platform with a shared API for quickly integrating new startups and services from existing companies.

Human is utilising Blockchain technology to open up a vastly underserved market among the unbanked populations of the world. 2,000,000,000 people in world don’t have access to banking an our mission is to empower the world’s emerging economies by bringing financial services to everyone – making banking a right not a luxury.

Contribution to Innovation Based Inclusive Growth

The next generation model Banking 4.0 developed by Humaniq is unique in its preposition. The blockchain technology mobile app and system revolves around empowering more than 2 billion people worldwide who are unbanked.

Data shows that over 3 billion people globally survive on $2.50 per day while 80% of the population strive on $10 a day. With these grave statistics Humaniq is focussed on bringing people out of poverty by providing them with various banking tools. The firm will address liquidity for entrepreneurial ventures through investments, loans, crypto financing and various other modules. The Humaniq management with their ideology also wants to target and mitigate refugee crisis occurring in many countries in the West due to economic disparity and lack of opportunities in emerging economies

A detailed research report on Humaniq is available to our members only. Please send us an email to obtain this report.


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