LocoRobo builds robotics and sensor hardware, software, and educational content that empowers students to solve problems.

LocoRobo offers a combination of technically rigorous, self-paced curriculum, high-quality robotics hardware, and cutting-edge mobile and web software apps. Our offerings continuously engage children in hands-on, experiential learning over a period of months and years. In the process, children develop high proficiency technology skills to succeed in their future careers.

“The power of LocoRobo is that it’s a robot that grows with the child,” says Pramod Abichandani, the Drexel professor and roboticist who founded LocoRobo along with four engineering students at the university. “There’s no barrier to entry: It’s like using a simple RC car-like interface. But the barrier to exit is really high. You can keep on learning and learning until the robot breaks down.”


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