PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools) is a UK based social enterprise that educates 16,000 disadvantaged children in 30 quality secondary schools in Uganda and Zambia. PEAS reaches the poorest from the most isolated areas, combatting the severe lack of places in affordable, quality secondary schools in an environment where a secondary educated child in Uganda can earn 158% more per hour than a child who has only completed primary school.

PEAS students are poorer than those in government schools, and arrive with lower prior learning. PEAS schools help them to close the achievement gap and then outperform peers in government schools, at a fraction of the cost per student. PEAS also ensures equal access to education for girls, who make up 52% of our students.

PEAS’ network is sustainable, innovative and fast growing. We aim to create 25,000 school places by 2018 and are backed by major corporate, institutional and private funders. PEAS’ impact, sustainability and low cost per beneficiary have been recognised through a series of international development, social enterprise and education awards.


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