Autonomous solar panels with remote payment system to allow Africans outside large cities to develop a commercial activity.

upOwa develops the solutions to provide  access to solar energy for sustainable, reliable and affordable to millions of families and entrepreneurs without access to electricity in Africa.

A comparable situation in English- speaking Africa has seen a market grow to more than $ 6 billion and upOwa is now one of the first players to position itself in West Africa .

The company is therefore in a very favorable position to provide millions of homes with solar energy systems that are autonomous, simple to use and reliable to meet their daily needs, for a  lower average budget than they allocated to solutions. precarious such as petroleum lamps or torches alkaline batteries.

The vast majority of demand is made up of rural and hard-to-reach populations. Thanks to the presence of more than 35 members of the upOwa team on the spot , and to technical tests conducted very early on in real conditions, the company quickly established itself and expanded its offer to more than 850 homes. 

The salesmen and technicians are recruited directly in the region, perfectly mobile in two wheels, and are trained by upOwa. They thus ensure access to the market and solve the problem of the last kilometer, at the heart of logistical constraints of the ecosystem through the mesh initiated by the opening of the first 4 stores.

The company has chosen to monetize its offer on a leasing model with acquisition of the solution by the beneficiary after 3 years . The Pay As You Go solution, developed in collaboration with local mobile payment players, perfectly meets the need for flexibility, specific to customers with fluctuating purchasing power. If it takes 36 monthly installments to reach the end of the lease, each installation is profitable after 11 monthly installments. 


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