Pavel Luksha, founder Global Education Futures and professor at Moscow School of Management, has a new report out on what graduates should know and be able to do. Skills of the Future: How to Thrive in the Complex New World was developed with WorldSkills Russia during sessions of the Atlas of Emerging Jobs project. The report is a thoughtful review of global trends, changes in work and concludes with implications for education.

Not a continuation of the present, the authors “believe that mankind should take a serious approach towards the formation of a desired image of the future.”

The report summarizes key trends:

Technology: digitization of all areas of life, automation and robotization
Social: demographic changes; formation of a network society
Technosocial: globalization; environmentalization
Meta-trend: acceleration
The report includes a competent 30 page summary of what’s happening in tech and society with a good discussion of environmental risks.

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