Founding members, Strategic Advisory Board and Advisors

Founding members – see About

The Strategic advisory board  helps The Inclusive Growth Forum to achieve its mission. Members of the strategic advisory board advise the Chairman on the action plan of the Forum, on important research projects the Forum is undertaking and on the agenda of the annual conference.

Members :

Sylvie Albert , Canada

Filiberto Amati, Italy

Andrew Baughen, UK

Virginie Coulloudon, Germany

Fanny Levitan, Israel

Timo Meynhardt, Switzerland

Sudam Pawar, Thailand

Christophe Schiffers, Belgium

Advisory panels offer a collaborative gathering space for members to share perspectives, resources and practical guidance related to implementation across a range of technical areas.

These members/advisers of the Forum are also excellent speakers and are willing to speak at events and conferences on the subject of innovation based inclusive growth.

Our network of advisers and speakers

We want to help the summits, conferences, forums and workshops organizers finding the key players and best-informed speakers on topics related to Inclusive Growth. All our advisers-speakers have a deep experience in innovation and economic growth and consider inclusive growth important.  

Interested event organizers can contact us at [email protected] to forward the specific request to the selected speaker.

An initial list of topics our qualified experts can speak about and are recognised advisers of the Inclusive Growth Forum:

          Disruptive Innovation

Alex Chevenier

  • Educating our children through games

Darryl Hughes

  • Where are we headed with the acceleration of digital revolution 
    “This talk will highlight the acceleration of digital revolution. It will explore the bedrock of drivers of this revolution, discuss factors that enable the acceleration we are witnessing, and focus on the decisions facing humanity about the world we want to create with it. The bedrock includes the little transistors that are essentially free at this stage, how they permeate and proliferate through this and that of every day life, the fundamental reasons why they are accelerating the rate at which the paradigms of our lives is changing, and most importantly, the critical choices facing humanity. Does humanity have what it takes to harness this acceleration to build a world that is safer, inclusive in harvesting its benefits, and full of opportunities to leave a legacy that will make those who will inherit this earth proud of us.”

Sunit Rikhi

  • Innovation and paradigm shifts, and how Fintech and Insurtech can help reduce the inclusion gap

Filiberto Amati

  • Technologies that yield inclusive growth in the digital area as it pertains to education and healthcare

Robert Branch 


We are currently setting up advisory panels on the following subjects :

  • innovation,
  • digital health,
  • sustainable development,
  • education,
  • digital transformation…

Interested to join one of our Advisory Panels, contact us at [email protected] with further details of how you intend to help us within our Advisory Panels.