Most relevant remarks made by John Springford . READ HIS PAPER HERE ” Regime Change ? The European Economy to 2030 “

If some of his statements and comments prove to be true Europe will face more inequality amongst its citizens and inclusive growth will have a low prospect.

The Kuznets Curve will most likely show an equal economy much later than  2030.

” Big economic changes are afoot. The next phase of globalisation, driven by digital technology, will see services become more tradable across borders. German technicians may soon be able to fix machinery in China remotely, using telerobotics, for example. Automation and artificial intelligence may help to drive up productivity growth but will also displace some workers. And if history is any guide, there will be two more recessions in the next decade – yet the eurozone still lacks the counter-cyclical tools needed to rapidly stabilise its economy.”

” The movement of people within the Union is lessening, but young, skilled workers migrating towards the core of the EU economy have implications both for economic convergence and for the sustainability of welfare states in the member-states they leave.”

” Technological change – and continued offshoring – will make it harder for poorer EU countries to pursue an export-based industrial growth model. The proportion of European workers employed in industrial jobs has fallen, even though industrial output has risen.

Kuznets curve -click here